Kotor Cable Car
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How we helped Kotor Cable Car reach new heights 

The Task at Hand

With the launch of the brand-new cable car attraction in Boka Bay approaching rapidly in Spring of 2023, we were tasked with crafting the online presence of Kotor Cable Car from the ground up. This encompassed not only placing it prominently on the digital map but also swiftly gaining visibility across diverse markets and linguistic regions.

Our Strategy and Approach

When starting our work with a blank canvas, we love to approach from multiple angles, employing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our mission was to position Kotor Cable Car as a must-visit destination through strategic use of SEO, SEM, display ads, and META campaigns to ensure a well-rounded and effective marketing solution.

META Campaigns: Engaging Audiences with Precision

For META campaigns, we adopted a unique audience-centric approach. Extensive audience research guided the creation of tailored campaigns, ensuring resonance with specific segments. This personalized outreach set the stage for impactful brand awareness initiatives.

Crafting Brand Awareness

The initial phase of our META strategy centered on building brand awareness. Through visually captivating advertisements, we aimed to imprint Kotor Cable Car on the digital landscape. In the latter stages, our focus shifted towards conversion-centric strategies. Armed with insights from brand awareness initiatives, we strategically targeted audiences showing high conversion potential. These campaigns reached 1,549,527 Meta accounts, garnering 92,659 unique clicks, over 1,000 new followers, and nearly 10,000 Instagram profile visits. The numbers attest to the success of our efforts in not just visibility but also in cultivating a growing and engaged audience.

Google campaigns: Precision Through Keyword and Trend Research

Our journey commenced with meticulous keyword research and trend analysis, ensuring that our campaigns aligned precisely with user intent. This strategic groundwork allowed us to capture the attention of audiences actively searching for attractions in Montenegro, propelling Kotor Cable Car into the digital spotlight.

Elevating Visibility with Google My Business

Enhancing the synergy between campaigns and user experience, we optimized the Google My Business listing. This not only fortified the brand's online presence but also facilitated a seamless connection with Display, Search, and Local Search campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and impactful digital footprint.

SEO: Fine-Tuning Digital Impact

Enhancing User Experience

In tandem with our campaigns, SEO efforts took center stage, prioritizing a seamless user experience on the Kotor Cable Car website. Optimization tweaks ensured effortless navigation, complementing the dynamic marketing initiatives.

Enhancing User Experience

Our SEO approach was nuanced, featuring keyword-focused blogs that not only enriched user understanding but also fueled search engine visibility. Coupled with precision in meta elements, this strategy amplified the overall digital presence, creating a holistic online environment.


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